I won’t tell you who said these great quotes, or what he had been drinking when he said them, but I’ll simply present them in all their glory:

“I am a logistical genius, but I don’t express myself through works – I express myself through pain.”

“His name is Octavian, but we call him ‘the ocho.’ Eight is the most hated of all numbers.” – referring to the number 8

19 thoughts on “quote-worthy

  1. in other news, adobe’s answer to long load times is an application that is automatically executed at startup called reader_sl.exe, uses 4 megs of memory and “speeds up the laod time when a pdf file is selected”…. fuckin queer
    just something else i need to run at startup

  2. Dodgeball!!
    You know, if you say ocho a lot it starts to sound really weird (as with every word..)

  3. first of all, wintermaul is a maul. thats not a tower wars.

    second of all, no. you are either thinkign of (a) tabb or (b) mr. pibb. in either case, you are thinkign the wrong thing.

    here’s a tip: try clickign on this link http://imdb.com/title/tt0066450/ and pickign up a little culture.

    third of all: who’s threatenign whom?

  4. all those people who gave peace a chance… look at them.

    ghandi, mother theresa, jesus…

    theyre all dead.

    now check out people who give war a chance:

    bush, ACTION ghandi, the other bush…

    still alive.

    see a pattern here?

  5. youre right. he lives in my heart.

    looks like i will be dying of cardiac arrest just like everyone else on my dad’s side.

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