recantation’ve spent a bit more time thinking about the whole hip-hop controversy and decided to amend some things I said. I believe each side went as far to the extreme as possible, with you highly lauding it and I decrying it completely. After putting more thought into it, I find that my position is somewhere nearer the middleground, though I still look down upon it to an extent. On the one hand, I can understand the indelible impact such music can have on its listeners. For sheer entertainment value, hip-hop is top-notch. All the bickering about beauty has made me admit that some people could actually find the lyrics to be beautiful, though I will certainly never see that to be the case (and will still consider those who find them beautiful, more so than entertaining, as suspect). And I did pick some of the worst lyrics to cite. A few songs do have some rather clever lyrics – I simply find their choice of topics, in general, to be in bad taste.

On the other hand, my opinion remains that one would be better off listening to more morally-uplifting music. There’s no need for personal references here, and I’m not being hypocritical; I’m fully aware that not everything I do or use for entertainment is morally-uplifting or religiously sound, but I believe I’d be better off if it were. The fact is that moral topics simply aren’t as entertaining as risqué ones, and Creed’s music wasn’t very good (isn’t? do they still exist? I don’t really care).

So instead of blaming hip-hop for being popular, I’ll blame the more conservative musicians (including folk artists) for not producing better music. And I’m sorry for being so strictly closed to what you guys were saying, provided you don’t rip this post apart with new controversial comments…but I still think Nickel Creek is good. 🙂

15 thoughts on “recantation

  1. I am deeply offended at those lyrics, Waldo!

    That’s a better outlook. As I sit here and listen to probably the most beautiful song ever written: Lost Horizon – “Highlander (The One)” — An 80’s powerballad. As much as I hate some music (coutry), There are times that I am impressed with how much effort, and sometimes the results, is created.

    Continues to laugh about your battlefield stats on the sidebar. Impressed at almost a 3:1 kill/death ratio.

  2. just because you like to stand still and snipe doesn’t mean you’re any better at it.

    more like Sloth_gandhi

  3. Oh please. I’m all over the place – but smart snipers aren’t always running out and dying. And I’d like to hear excuses for your assault rifle KDR.

  4. the best part is that i AM going to an mc chris show and also NOT doing any ball sucking.

  5. Check out his name. That’s something to look into fixing, we know daniel likes his name long. Just like his men. WOOOOOOOOO!

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