red moon dog seven-eleven my complaints against the game of American football, I have found flaws in its rules which would lead to an unavoidable prolonging of play and an inability to decide a winning team. One such situation would occur when one team (we’ll call them Team A) has scored a touchdown and is about to attempt an extra point. All the opposing team (Team B) needs to do is to have one or more players line up offsides, blocking the extra point or tackling the kicker. This, of course, is an infraction of the rules (offsides) and would lead Team A to one of two options: either accepting the penalty and retaking the kick, or declining and kicking off without gaining the PAT. Most logical teams would accept the penalty and re-kick, but Team B could continue to line up offsides and prevent the kick repeatedly without any adverse effects. After several dozens attempts at this, Team A would probably just forget about the extra point, decline the penalty, and kick off, so it’s not foolproof. That leads me to my second example…

Play clock violations. After a play, the team on offense (Team B in this case) has 40 seconds to pick a new play and snap the ball. If the clock runs down, it’s a five yard penalty against Team B for delaying the game. As far as I’m aware, Team A has no ability to either accept or deny this penalty – it’s simply automatically assessed. Repeating this enough times will drive Team B back to the one yard line, at which point they can no longer be pushed back by this penalty. They can then continue to let the clock run down over and over without repercussions.

Logically, there’s no real reason to do either of these. But if I were a retiring coach and my team was about to lose their last game of the season, I’d definitely consider going out in extremely annoying fashion. And I’d be famous.

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  1. i dont consider myself an expert on football, but i beleive after, oh id say the third time the refs would catch on and interject. also, the opposing team does have teh option to accept the delay of game call.

  2. do you mean you have provided many reasons WHY you dislike footbal? any rate, football is still more entertaining than baseball.

  3. i personally like the sport and i found your article very interesting but just to add a comment to the first argument after enough offsides the ref could call unsportsmanlike conduct and give them a warning and if they repeat the penalty they could be forced to forfeit the game

  4. Wow ur wrong. The only reason why team A would accept the penalty is if they dont make the extra point. If they make it eventually, they would decline it which would still give them a point. Oh and if players continue to do this, they can be ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct. Also, for your second idea, the game clock stops after a penalty. So you wouldn’t be able to run the clock out. And if u continue to do this (nobody would do so) the ref would warn u that if u continue to commit this penalty on the 1 yard line, then it will result in a safety, giving the other team 2 points and the ball back. So nice try, but there are no flaws in the rules of football. It’s also a great and exciting sport with everything, so i have no idea why u hate it. In my opinion, its 10x better than baseball.

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by.

    My first scenario is assuming that the kick is not made – i.e. you’re so offsides as to block the kicker from getting the ball, or you instantly tackle him. My second scenario never said that the game clock ran out. It only stated that the game would continue forever. And are you sure they’d give a safety for that? I honestly don’t know.

    But seriously, I wrote this over four years ago and it was based almost entirely on my experience with Madden on the Super Nintendo, so don’t put too much stock in it. I’m not a fan of football, it’s true, but I was just joking around here.

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