reverse the system it’s that time of the year again. The leaves begin to turn crap brown, children scurry off to school, and that timeless question arises: why should we be forced to spend our time cramped up indoors learning during that crucial time when we desire to be out experiencing the world and having fun? If we simply were taught all the most basic knowledge early and could take off for ten years between 7 and 17, life would be so much better. After all, by the time you’re old enough to retire now, you don’t have anything you want to fill your time with. This way, that free time could be spent going back to school to research or whatnot. Working could take place intermittently after the age of 17.

Of course, less would get done and people would be dumber, but kids would have so much more fun. It’s really the most efficient system. Classes suck.

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