school pride sucks

There’s a new still comic on Death Zeppelin. I made him do it.

I just realized yesterday that I know the high school alma mater (or at least most of it). I find this greatly disturbing, as they managed to teach that crap to me through repetition despite my best efforts not to pay attention. What other useless tidbits did they slip into my brain to occupy space which could otherwise be used for more productive means?

10 thoughts on “school pride sucks

  1. Yeah, you made me do it…clearly evident by the fact it looks rushed and sucks. Hey…kinda like all my other comics.

  2. We’re learning it right now =\
    …or at least we’re supposed to be, I haven’t been to the last few class meetings where they’re supposedly practicing it.
    Magnet’s not supposed to have school pride. Why should we have an alma mater?

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