she turned me into a newt

monty python & the holy grailI’ll tell you something it’s high time for – a good, old-fashioned witch hunt. And I do mean a literal one. Every now and then, it’s important to weed out the witch-like people of our society. It would take our minds off the real problems in our world and let us get back to our basics. But what should be the basis for such a hunt?

First, they have to look like witches. They also have to be disliked, for one reason or another. And finally, each has to weigh as much as a duck (as logic would have it). A little persecution is just what the doctor ordered.

38 thoughts on “she turned me into a newt

  1. you dont consider the complete lack of tallent amuseing? btw, check this show out, its really good. its the pilot episode and is being considered for production

  2. well maybe you just dont get it. but there where 50,000 people there so im not alone in my football watching ways.

  3. Oh right, it’s over my head. The complexities of the offensive line are too much for me.

    “Where” = “were.” And I never denied its popularity. I just asserted its stupidity.

  4. im not saying you dont understand it, you just dont “get it” to me, those mean 2 completely differnt things. like people who dont like snakes on a plane. of course they understand it, theres snakes… on a plane. its just not for them so they dont “get it”


    Okay, imagine these animators in a meeting talking about a script that reads something like this:

    Abraham motherfucking Lincoln: “He was abducted by two horrible old women… and a monkey.”

    Disembodied, Metallic Talking Head: “Sounds like EMPEROR ZOMBIE.”

    did they steal the notebook of a third grader and plagiarize his wildest nightmare or did they just write this pilot while snorting coke and watching mystery science theater?

  6. Yes, yes, “to me.” It’s like arguing with a six-year-old.

    As far as I know, there aren’t many other big football fans around here. But whatever.

  7. I was referring to my site as “here.” Baseball games regularly get 30,000+ fans, and I won’t hear any of its accolades from you.

  8. i dont even consider such a small comunity enough to warrent “minorities”, which is why i ment shreveport. and yes you wont hear any praise for baseball from me, but then again, do i denounce it everytime its mentioned? you have an entire bseball section, and have i once benn over there to flame it? no, i respect other people and there opinions, which apparently you are above.

  9. Right.

    Again, I’ll take this opportunity to point out your stupidity. “comunity,” “warrent,” “ment,” “its,” “benn,” “there.” And a couple of other things I’ll consider typos.


  10. blowjob. you should just stop while you’re behind, mang. i mean; between the endless typos, the pointless (bad, and usually wrong) comebacks, and your love of football, it is a wonder to me why you are still trying =?

  11. trey, there are soooo many things i could bring up….

    i admit i cant spell for shit. but that aside, football IS more popular than baseball. fact.

  12. and since more people think its better, it must be. thats about the same logic as orginized religion.

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