sucking blood sucks

vampire.jpgI’ve encountered a pretty big bug in Oblivion which has severely limited what I can do. I accidentally became a vampire, and there’s no way for me to get a cure because I’m actually too far in the game. Although I have all the necessary ingredients (including Bloodgrass, which I can no longer get from the plains of Oblivion but must buy), the stupid lady won’t take them to make me a cure. The solution? I have to reload an old save and lose about four hours of game play. And now I cannot contract vampirism ever because there will be no way for me to cure it, and I also can’t help the count cure his vampire wife.

(sigh) They should patch this over Xbox Live, but I’m sure they won’t.


7 thoughts on “sucking blood sucks

  1. …Except that you can only be out in the dark, and it’s really just a pain. The special abilities are cool for a while, but I’d really prefer to be normal.

    And I am now, so it’s all good.

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