the mind of a gnesiu

caterpillar.JPGContinuing my trend of digging up old high school stuff, I have uncovered a series of poems written as journal entries for Ms. Houghes’ class. I will now relate these excellent poems, one at a time, giving you just a taste of my genius.*


The green leaves climb ever higher,
Their fate uncertain.
An insatiable lust for loftiness
Drives them blindly toward the heavens.
They are oblivious to their surroundings,
Especially the presence of that pesky caterpillar.
Hot-dog like in its appearance,
He wriggles in the “chili” of life.
The chili is hearty and contains many a bean,
Grown by the sweat of the Mexican bean-farmer’s brow.
The heat is excruciatingly merciless,
Generated by an unforgiving sun.
Beams of light beat down,
Both helping and hurting.
And the green leaves are nourished once more.
The cycle of life continues.


* Daniel and Trey helped me on some poems, I know, but I don’t remember which ones or how much. So I’m going to usurp creative credit.

3 thoughts on “the mind of a gnesiu

  1. that class was a joke, that lady was high all the time. trips to the office MY ASS!!!!!! also, did u get one of those gay letters in the mail telling your parents how good you where in class. lol

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