the more you know, did you know that archers actually have something called a butt shaft which has nothing to do with being uptight or even inserting anything into one’s rectum? I guess that’s why most archers are solemn old men – how could they not think that was humorous?

19 thoughts on “the more you know

  1. i would like to know the chain of events that caused you to stumble on this seemingly random bit of infromation. btw, this post brought to you by my new macbook pro 17″. 2.16ghz intel duo core, 2mb of ddr ram and a 120gb hdd. 🙂

  2. haha, 2mb… ddr… first, i think you mean gigabytes =P… plus, dual core processors dont run to their full potential without ddr2 ram.

  3. It is DDR2 – BJ just doesn’t know much about computers. I mean, he is, after all, using a Mac. It’s got a mid-range graphics card and it’s frickin’ overpriced like nobody’s business. But it’s pretty. 🙂

  4. hey, im new to computers. i just started learning about them this least im not all “computers are for nerds” give me a break. and yeah, its probably overpriced. but i needed a mac for my class. and try me, ill beleive just about anything.

  5. btw, i just got dead risisng, that zombie game you made a post about a long time ago. it kicks sooooo much ass. you can chop off limbs and run over zombies with a lawnmower creating a whirlwind of blood in the process. or my favorite, shove a showerhead into the head of a zombie and bathe in the blood as it flows out of the faucet(sp?). truely a dream come true in virtual form.

  6. all i can say is that they never stop respawning and there can be literaly hundreds of zombies on screen at a time.

  7. It just looks like that game would get old fast. Tell me in a week if you still like it.
    I have a video on an Xbox Magazine demo disk which shows dozens of ways to kill those guys. I prefer punching them in the head with a soccer ball.

  8. I have the X-530. I probably should’ve gotten the Z-2300 simply because I’m going to be getting a notebook and it will be far more difficult to make a 5.1 system work with it. But I do like the surround sound.

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