the slow weekend post know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes I actually have a difficult time coming up with something to write on this site. I know my loyal visitors crave entertainment, however, so I’m obligated to provide top-notch content on a regular basis. Today, that top-notch content is an update on the progress of Dead or Alive Extreme 2, the second member of the greatest genre of game to ever be invented (that was a mouthful). or Alive Extreme 2 shifts the focus from volleyball to jet skiing and interactions with girls on the island (building friendships). There are a number of new minigames; two of my favorites are the butt battle and tug of war. Apparently, all of these games are pretty darn difficult, so it might actually make you work for the free time spent by the poolside. Of course, volleyball persists, and it still has multiplayer (but no 4-player 2v2, which is a shame). There’s the new ability to compete on Xbox Live, which should be fun. And there’s lots of swimsuits – always a plus.

It sounds like it’ll be a great party game. Feel free to stop by the house in one month when the game comes out – I’ll undoubtedly be playing.

4 thoughts on “the slow weekend post

  1. Wish I could erase this erection. Honeys coming at me from every direction. I am uber-excited about seeing mc chris.

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