the woods are lovely

I wouldn’t even go so far as to call myself an amateur photographer, but the occasional trek into the woods warrants documentation. Here are some interesting things I encountered, and their significance:


The path wasn’t always this distinct. Loggers suck. It’s interesting to note the abundance of leaves on the trees, despite this picture being taken in late November.


These are clearly horse footprints. Obviously, we don’t often get the pleasure of being able to trace the path of a horse in our era. It’s even more fun to run into their (frequent) leavings.


This is some sort of fungus thing that looks pretty cool. “Fungus” is probably completely wrong, but I haven’t had to worry about anything but animal biology for a couple of years, and I don’t miss knowing possible names for this crap.


This little skull undoubtedly belonged to a dinosaur.


I almost stepped on this turtle. He was well entrenched and didn’t seem too bothered by my presence.

stream stream2

I came across this nice little stream and had to take several pictures of it. It was swimming with mosquito larvae though.


This was a really big tree that was so different from the surrounding growth that I thought it deserving of recognition. Good for it, being able to grow so large.


And finally, a nice shot of some of the lower trees and shrubs, and a quite conspicuous red tree. You’ve got to tip your cap to something with such a clear evolutionary edge over the competition – gaudiness is the mechanism for natural selection.

6 thoughts on “the woods are lovely

  1. I have been almost all of those places before. You didn’t get very far from home. Could have gotten at least to the golf course~

  2. This is pretty I want to go here! will someone take me here? Someone who is available on MWF……uhhummmm! By the way Scott horses have hooves not feet, therefore they would leave hoofprints not footprints….Mr. Biologist.

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