they ain’t perfect

missed.jpgWatching that video of impressive goals made me think about all the dozens of times a professional soccer player messes up for those miraculous times he scores. So I compiled a video (set to some catchy music). I did find a video which had most of these clips already in it, but I’ve given the author credit in the video. It’s large (~13 MB), and you’ll need to unzip it, but here it is:

some crappy shots

12 thoughts on “they ain’t perfect

  1. some of the ones between 1:30 and 2:00 reminded me of the videos creator.
    but dont feel bad, at least you were somebody who got shots on goal.

  2. you would say that, but i only did that a couple of times. ok, maybe “a few” times. but i’m not the only one *cough*fagmucious*cough*

  3. ok the clip two minutes and fifty seconds into it.

    yea that keeper is definately me like half a year ago.

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