this is just getting stupid

stupidposts.gifOK, so does anyone remember my rant about the nice editors at Engadget using the retarded useful strikethrough effect far too often? Well check this out

Alright, this is getting out of hand. We were a little wary at the first when we heard about tying RFID so closely to our monies, and that Chase Bank blink card of ours has been collecting dust ever since it showed up in the mail, but the latest failings of RFID “security” have us running for the hills — tin foil hat in tow. Apparently some UK scoundrels teamed up with a crooked gas station attendant to nab credit card numbers from RFID smart card-enabled credit cards. They then stashed this info on the magnetic strips of phone cards, and flew over to India to make withdrawls. Since Indian ATMs don’t require the double identification of RFID smart card and magnetic strip…


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