this tihs really boils my blood

Get this:

I just read an article in Yahoo News about how Mr. Tom Cruise himself has obtained through a court battle against Network Operations Center/Alberta Hot Rods and I’m appalled. He claims that the website is “misrepresenting” him. Wow.

First of all, there is NOTHING wrong with squatting on a URL – eat that, Center for Genetics in Health and Medicine. First come, first serve. Secondly, “tomcruise” is ONLY a sequence of letters that could mean anything to anyone. For example, let’s say MC Ruise wanted a URL pointing to him, he could be upset because “” is not pointing to him; Cry me a f*cking river, Tom. And lastly, there ARE other Tom Cruises in this world, so let’s hope Mr. Cruise properly represents them with his newly aquired web address(which happens to be blank) as well.

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