true story

badass.jpgAs I walked into Wendy’s yesterday, a boy coming out stopped, looked up at me, and, with a look of genuine admiration, said, “Cool!” At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I shoved him aside and went on my way. But then I realized what had so inspired the kid. He had seen it. He had seen my Aura of Badass. I vowed then and there to never again brush aside a genuine fan, no matter how young or not-female. If I had let him follow me around, he could’ve done some useful chores for me, like fetching beverages and mowing the yard.

(Note: This is only the most likely reason that he could have said, “Cool!” I suppose it could have been something else, but it’s not likely.)

(image: eurosport)

5 thoughts on “true story

  1. i think this is the perfict time to confess, i too have been an admireer of ur badassedness. i have just beed to timid to share it. but since i now know im not alone, i feel free to say “Scott, u are the most badass person i have ever met.” and just being in ur presence makes everyone around u cool. thats how cool u are. lol

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