use it [correctly] or lose it

paris_hilton_sidekick.gifTechnology isn’t always our friend. Whether it’s a cellphone going off during class, a watch alarm deciding that a church sermon would be the perfect time for its annoying beeping, car alarms randomly blaring even when the key is used, or batteries dying years before their time, our modern lifestyle is not without its annoying flaws. However, many of these things can be prevented through proper maintenance or utilization. Just as some people shouldn’t be allowed to raise children due to their ineptitude, some people shouldn’t be allowed the modern conveniences which are capable of annoying others.

Upon proving him- or herself annoying, a technologically-unaware person should be relegated a cell phone that only has a “vibrate” mode and/or a car lacking an audible alarm. Everyone would be better off if this stuff was only in the right hands. Unfortunately, people like the aforesaid will still find ways to be annoying in public, usually by their loud, shrill, nasal voices and/or general “snobiness.”

2 thoughts on “use it [correctly] or lose it

  1. black.
    talking loudly into phone.
    phone on speaker phone.
    walking down hall.
    /lemme chirp these fools.
    //black person.

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