vitamins and poison

Spinach…E. coli
Carrot juice…botulism
Lettuce…E. coli

That settles it. I’m never going to consume anything without hooves and/or claws ever again…maybe bread. People may be alarmed at these disturbing events, but it’s important to remember that McDonald’s doesn’t serve spinach or carrot juice, so just ask for a no-veggie burger and you’ll be fine.

Oh, and parents can no longer use the “it’s not going to kill you” line to force children to eat their vegetables. Anything’s possible.

5 thoughts on “vitamins and poison

  1. well if youre going to include the lettuce thing, you may as well include the recent beef scare… which is a hooved animal.

  2. or you could just say that e. coli has always been an inherent risk with delicious meat!
    besides, the whole thing with vegetables was the pre-washed, pre-packaged kind, like for salads. cooking lettuce or spinach would kill the e. coli just as well as cooking meat. so, unless you are eating your meat (or spinach or lettuce) raw, you have nothing about which to worry.

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