wallaby for dinner

http://www.lazoo.org/condorall/raise.htmlSometimes I wonder what certain animals taste like. I’m not very bold when it comes to trying exotic foods, but you’ve got to consider that there are probably dozens of animals out there that we simply don’t eat but should. In many cases, we probably don’t eat them because someone has tried them and spread the word that they don’t taste good. It’s possible, however, that endangered animals are quite delicious. Ever wonder what a condor egg tastes like? It’s probably much better than a chicken egg. And wild yak meat is probably far tastier than ground beef.

All I ask is that the government let us taste a few of these endangered animals in order to determine which are good and which aren’t. That way we’ll know which species we should be trying the hardest to preserve – after all, it’s not really that big a deal if an unappetizing animal goes extinct, is it? My most likely picks as delectable creatures:

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