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Ahh, three hours of sleep followed immediately by eight hours of work – is there any better way to end a six-hour workday? Yes, I went to see Pete Yorn last night. Yes, it was very good. But, alas, I’m not going to give the usual “the emotion exuded from the bass really spoke to me” review, because that’s gay. I will say that he played a lot of stuff that was not on his records, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

What was lacking? First of all, hot chicks were no where to be found. There were a couple, but they were getting drunk with their large boyfriends. And also, he didn’t play “June” or “Lose You.” But he did play almost all the other classics, including “Just Another,” “Black,” “Closet,” “On Your Side,” “Life on a Chain,” “For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is),” “Sleep Better,” “Sense,” “Strange Condition,” and “Murray” – and those are just the classics he played from musicforthemorningafter.

After we’d left the concert, we got some drinks (alcoholic? oh please) and headed back to hang out outside (because we could). Most of us couldn’t go back in (being under 21), but my ex-roommate’s brother went back in to buy a couple of EPs for my friends. When he came out, he had an autographed item for each of us. He had gotten to shake Pete Yorn’s hand. As dismayed as I was that I missed such an opportunity, I was nonetheless overjoyed to have a poster signed by my favorite singer. And I didn’t have a headache or feel overly tired at work today. A happy ending.

Pictures and/or videos of Pete will come eventually, once I get them from my ex-roommate’s brother (or ERB, as I’ll now abbreviate him).

(image: pete yorn {edited})

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