weed sucks

Some of you may be wondering why on 4/20 I didn’t write anything about marijuana. Well, there are two possible reasons for that. Either a) I was too high to string words together into coherent phrases, or b) I preferred to instead discuss how a reckless, pleasure-seeking life can end up in misery.dalmatian.jpg

Weed may seem innocent, but think about this: every time you smoke a joint, a baby dalmatian gets skinned. Why? To clothe the South American harvesters through their labors. Have a heart. The next time you feel like smoking weed, eat a cow, hunt a deer, or club a seal instead.

(dog image: fiona anderson)

9 thoughts on “weed sucks

  1. Which one was the cannon shot?

    Those were amazing. There are a couple where the guys dribble past about half of the other team before scoring, and those are my favorite. It’s absolutely crazy how good those pros are.

  2. the one where the music stops and it’s like BAM. and the dude shoots from half field and it’s like a 90 m.p.h. ball. it’s only like a 1.5 sec shot of it, but man… It’s somewhere around the 1:30 mark. it’s a fucking cannon, I’m telling you. the dribbling is quite impressive, but to score from that far away without some lob shot is orgasmically pleasing to the eyes.

  3. the two videos from 35-50 seconds, and the one from 2:20-2:30 remind me of scott back in the cabosa days, for shame.
    the one right at 2 minutes, where it almost goes out-of-bounds, is in-fucking-sane.

  4. lol, they sure do shame those defenders. ahh, i miss soccer.

    that one at 2:00 looks like something ogre would make. he did that a couple of times.

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