we’re so bad

Well it’s official – Team USA has disgraced the nation in the World Baseball Classic. By losing to both of our borders – Canada and Mexico – they upheld their “we’re packed with steroid-enhanced talent but perform like a bunch of twelve-year-olds if we’re playing for national pride instead of money” mentality. The saving grace is that USA’s only run came from Chipper Jones – a true American hero, and not a “quasi-American” like Alex Rodriguez. Also, Roger Clemens took the loss. Roger Clemens took the loss. So I guess it’s not all bad, even though we’re worse at our national pastime than a bunch of ice-skating Canucks.

7 thoughts on “we’re so bad

  1. Did they have Javy or Marcus? Because well… if they didn’t… then I think you and I both know why Team USA sucked!

  2. Mexico beat the United States olympic baseball team in the last summer olympic qualifying round. America’s past time isn’t our past time anymore. 🙁

  3. Oh Javy… one day he’ll know that leaving the Braves goes against his loving committment to me. HE COMMITTED TO ME! =(

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