why wiii?

wee.jpgAs most people are probably aware by now, Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console (meant to compete with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3) is going to be called the “Wii” (pronounced “wee”). I wasn’t going to get one anyway as Nintendo’s games haven’t appealed to me in years, but I can’t see how anyone could want to own a system with such an utterly [disappointing] name. Apparently one of the main reasons for the name is that Nintendo didn’t want people abbreviating the name to something that sounded stupid (ahem). As one poster on engadget so eloquently put it, he wouldn’t dare ask someone to come over to his house to play with his “wee.”

5 thoughts on “why wiii?

  1. hey look im walter i spend all day looking up pictures of people shitting in other people’s mouths

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