Question: Where does living a life with no inhibitions, very loose morals, and a constant need for attention and instant gratification get you? We should always do what makes us happy, right?jamesbrown.jpg

Answer: On The Simpsons, Bart starts a new mood in Springfield by attending a self-help seminar and publicly asserting that he “does what he feels like.” Endorsed by the speaker, Brad Goodman, everyone in Springfield adopts the attitude and eventually a “Do What You Feel Like Day” is created (which replaces the previous “Do What We Say Festival,” founded by German settlers). At the festival, the bleachers collapse because the worker didn’t feel like fixing them, the Ferris wheel wrecks because Willy didn’t grease it up, and a giant riot ensues.

Fortunately, not everyone is like this. Those who are will ultimately end up forlorn and/or at the receiving end of a riotous swath of destruction. Yet another lesson learned from The Simpsons.

(image: actualidad simpson)
(the simpsons copyright FOX – don’t sue me)

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