Question: Who was the head of the AFL-CIO in 1961?

Answer: When Bart breaks his leg, he’s forced to remain indoors during the summer and watch TV. He watches a classic episode of “The Krusty the Klown Show,” in which the following dialogue takes place:klassickrusty.JPG

Krusty: “Good evening. Tonight my guest is AFL-CIO chairman George Meany, and we’ll be discussing collective bargaining agreements.”

Meany: “It’s a pleasure to be here, Krusty.”

Krusty: “Let me be blunt. Is there a labor crisis in America today?”

Meany: “Well that depends on what you mean by ‘crisis…'”

That’s where the skit ends, but the ensuing conversation must have been fascinating. What an excellent show which somehow devolved into a clown show for children. At any rate, one can learn many useful facts from a show such as The Simpsons.

(the simpsons copyright FOX – don’t sue me)

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