wtcattack.jpgI just watched a very…interesting…video which claimed that the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were crafted by our government so that Bush would gain total control (via the Patriot Act, etc.) and people would make millions of dollars. Oh, and something about gold. It’s well-made and the research seems pretty solid (if all the quotes and interviews are legit). It does a good job of making comparisons and putting things in perspective, even if the narrator leaves a bit to be desired. He sounds like a 16-year-old and says stupid things like “do you still think…?,” “catch my drift?,” “you ready for this?,” and “well, it gets better.”

While it certainly raises some valid questions and points out inconsistencies, the conclusions it draws are specious at best. It would have us believe that all the cell phone calls from that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania are fake, and that cell phones wouldn’t work on airplanes anyway. BS, I call – at least if the users were on Sprint or Verizon. 😉 Apparently, CDMA phones can handle the rapid shifting between cell towers much better than GSM phones (Cingular, T-Mobile). There’d be quite a few dropped calls, but since we can’t hear the cell phone calls anyway (to tell the quality), we don’t know what they sounded like. The fact is that it simply hasn’t been tested well – it’s the word of some dude in a Cessna (cited by the film) versus the government and the people/families of people who died. And the video goes into this voice-faking program that is apparently so good that the victims’ relatives couldn’t even distinguish them from the real voices.

While some aspects of the events on September 11th may be poorly understood, a conspiracy of this magnitude is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention unfounded. It’s essentially along the lines of denying the Holocaust. Various eyewitness accounts may be contradictory, but should that be unexpected in a time of such immense trauma? Not to mention that most people are not very observant anyway – I know I can’t tell you what color shirt I wore yesterday. There’s no harm in trying to reconstruct the events to find out what exactly occurred, but more concrete evidence (rather than circumstantial) for the theories proposed should be present before suggesting that so many lives have died in vain.

I’d give a link to the movie, but since that’s what the creators of the film requested in the final credits, I think I won’t. I hate doing what liberals tell me to do. Speaking of liberals, I’m sure politics had nothing to do with pinning most of this on Bush. I need to work on finding some inconsistencies in the Holocaust in order to suggest that Roosevelt (a Democrat) actually conducted it.*

* note: i like FDR – i’m just saying these guys are morons.
(image: US embassy, nigeria)

8 thoughts on “yeah…riiiggghhhttt…

  1. i don’t know.
    i haven’t liked bush from the get go.
    i read somewhere that when asked by a german reporter what his best moment of being in office since 9/11 was, he said it was catching a 5lb bass on his camp. this made me think about how unpatriotic of a president he must be.
    Surely, the man who is running the country.. the man who is in control of the most powerful army in the world.. the man whose country was attacked by terrorists, leaving thousands and thousands dead.. would feel obligated to spend more time on the front line (in his office at the white house) than at his camp in texas.. right?
    whatever the case may be, bush sucks, and i don’t even have to wish him gone, because he will be through in under 2 years, whenever he can’t come back to office.
    good riddance~

  2. Fine, you don’t like Bush. But would you go so far as to say that the 9/11 attacks were conducted by him and his colleagues instead of terrorists? Even when you put some circumstantial evidence behind that, that’s a ridiculous claim.

  3. i saw that vid and i have to say the guy sounds like he knows what hes talking about, and the pentagon thing is weird but i dont think bush would do something like that.

  4. /nod
    alligations that bush is smart enough to cognate such an impressive scheme as that are perposterous!

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