you suck

You know who are stupid? People who don’t have enough “multitasking” brainpower to look at something and even perceive they’re being talked to. Or, if they perceive it, they still don’t have enough ability to utter more than a low noise. Come now. I’ve written novels while playing video games.

15 thoughts on “you suck

  1. Concentration, perhaps. But I’m talking about reading something and being unable to respond to someone’s voice until you get done reading, rather than quickly perceiving that your attention is needed elsewhere and responding.

    I believe the point is being missed.

  2. maybe youre missing the point.
    maybe that person cares more about finishing the paragraph than giving you their attention.

  3. don’t think I didn’t know you’d say something like that. it’s not just me he does it to, and it’s not just an isolated case. some people just cannot comprehend more than one thing at a time. that was my point, which i’m incapable of missing.

  4. yeah, we all know who maddox is, thnx.

    also, i take pride in (probably) being the only person here who actually understands the picture that waldo put up.

  5. “my body, the goggles do nothing!”

    from the simpsons. the episode where the scientist tries to avoid a wave of acid by putting on goggles, and they dont to anything.

  6. no no no. i mean its a magic card.
    the number five in the circle at the top means it costs five mana to play, which can be of any color. the card, as you can tell by the brown background and the word “artifact” means that… it is an artifact card. which certain special rules apply to. finall the little arrow before “Do nothing” means that when you “tap” that card, or use its ability, it does… nothing.

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