you wish you were so relaxed

Ahh, living the American dream: sitting back, drinking lemonade, playing video games, unemployed, and waiting for a check to roll in. Of course, this check was from my last two weeks at work and not from the welfare office, but one day… anyone who reads this site and is not living with me in the fall, here’s an update on the current state of the house: it rocks. Not only does it rock, but it rocks hard. In fact, here are my concerns for the upcoming schoolyear:

1. The house might rock so hard as to create hemorrhaging in me and/or my roommates.

2. Neighbors might be drawn to the house in order to examine up close the aura of rockingness it exudes.

3. Canada might get pissed that our house rocks far more than their entire country ever will.

If we can get past these obstacles (and steal enough toilet paper and plastic utensils to survive), it may just rock so much that you find yourself inexplicably wanting to drop by and pay us a visit. It’ll be fine – just sign up for an appointment, and we’ll rock your frickin’ pants off.

10 thoughts on “you wish you were so relaxed

  1. um, it might rock. but not as much as my house will. btw, where are you living. (like location)

  2. we all know this tidbit would have been better had the third to last word been “fucking”
    honestly. is it hurting anybody?

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