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I finally found something interesting to write about. As everyone knows by now, mother Jammie Thomas was convicted for sharing 24 songs online and forced to pay the RIAA $220,000, which works out to about $9200 per song. We all know that this is insane and despise the RIAA even more for it, even if the case is currently on appeal. But what’s great, and so refreshing, is to see the musicians themselves pissed off about this stupidity.

In response to Thomas’ case, the band Creeper Lagoon has posted the following message on their website:

Out of Solidarity with Jammie Thomas who was charged $9250 per song by the RIAA, we are changing the price of our records to $.09 per song. That is roughly 100,000 times cheaper then what the RIAA is charging Jammie.
Screw the RIAA and don’t buy major label music (and yes this includes our previous major label records)

http://www.creeperlagoon.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=59389&sid=e5264434957bb42581f349bb570e3752#59389$1.19 for their album “Long Dry Cold” is a frickin’ bargain; I paid them $10 for it when it came out last year and had no qualms in doing so. But the $0.45 EP “Remember The Future” may be an even better investment – it has five excellent songs. I tip my cap to Creeper Lagoon for offering their music – which is almost certainly better than whatever crap Jammie Thomas was sharing – for such a generous value, and for sympathizing with those who stand up for their rights against the RIAA.

Though not in response to the RIAA, Radiohead’s latest album allows people to set their own price for the digital download. This “suggested donation” model encourages people to pay what they find reasonable for the music and is a brilliantly customer-friendly way of doing business.

2 thoughts on “+1 for the little guy

  1. I read that the average price paid for the Radiohead cd so far is $8. And they had $1.2M downloads. They still made ~$10M. Which is rather funny to me, the RIAA is standing to make about one fiftieth of that if the lawsuit is settled at the current amount.

    [quote=RIAA.com]It’s commonly known as piracy, but it’s a too benign term that doesn’t even begin to adequately describe the toll that music theft takes on the many artists, songwriters, musicians, record label employees and others whose hard work and great talent make music possible.[/quote]

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