300…in a negative light?

300I was pretty disappointed with 300, and not just by the crappy title. I thought it was exciting, sure, but there just wasn’t enough in it for me…perhaps they just followed the “true story” too closely? Fighting men, waiting, stacking bodies, fighting monsters. Tack on a poorly-developed side plot with Leonidas’ wife.

The CGI was fairly underwhelming too. Why couldn’t Greece be sunny and clear-skied? Oh, because it wouldn’t look nearly as cool as a blood-red sun fading behind a constant cover of eerie clouds. Virtual wolves are far more frightening than the real thing, and a field of simulated wheat with idealized lighting conditions (which are poorly reflected on a line of soldiers) looks far better when bathed in perpetual twilight.

But the biggest gripe I had was that I couldn’t really identify with the Spartans anyway. To put it bluntly – they’re dicks. They kill babies, beat kids, abuse women, murder unarmed men, and exude cockiness. Any feelings motivating me to “root for the underdog” were crushed by the constant nagging remembrance that these guys are the abusive, drunken stepfathers of the ancient world.

Spartan King Leonidas: My heart is broken for your loss
Captain: Heart? I have filled my heart with hate
Spartan King Leonidas: Good

Ooo, I hope they win!

Any historical inaccuracies aside (since I’m ignorant on the subject), I’ll just say that the story of the Alamo is basically the exact same: the “good guys” are vastly outnumbered and must make a final stand against incredible odds. They all get slaughtered (heroically), but they’re avenged by their comrades amidst cries to “remember [Sparta]/[the Alamo]/[Vanilla Ice].” It’s worth seeing, but there’s not much worth remembering.

18 thoughts on “300…in a negative light?

  1. I think the reason it looks so dark is that its based on the comic book, 300. But still..why does the comic book gotta make it all dark ‘n shit.
    the movie just looks stupid. I’m really into history (I got Age of Empires 1-3 and their expansion packs to thank for that), but 300 doesn’t appeal to me at all, It just looks like it would be striped of all historical accuracy and filled with hollywood crap like every other historical movie I’ve ever seen.

    Besides, I’d rather spend my money on TMNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh, so “graphic novel” = comic book. i never made the connection. that explains a lot about why it was almost an animated movie, and why it wasn’t nearly as good as i’d heard it to be.

  3. Well Scott, if you want a REAL movie, you should go rent The Gingerbread man. Picked it up at blockbuster under the horror section. A stunning 2.4/10 from IMDB. But if that’s not enough to sway you, it’s tag line is “Out of the oven, and into your heart! AND, ” Evil never tasted so good”. It’s so good, they couldn’t even get steady camera angle. Definitely the best piece of cinematography I’ve seen in some time.

  4. so basically i liked the movie but i wasnt looking for anything except cgi enhanced violence. i didnt go into it expecting much more than that, and i wasnt disappointed.

    i have to admit your “ooo, i hope they win” following the dialogue made me lol.

    oh, also, they didnt follow the “true story” very closely.

    finally, hmking, youre a retard.

    “I’m really into history (I got Age of Empires 1-3 and their expansion packs to thank for that)” = go kill yourself

  5. I have still yet to see it =(

    I do think it looks pretty cool for what it is. Experiments in filmography make me happy to rebel against monotony.

  6. “I’m really into history (I got Age of Empires 1-3 and their expansion packs to thank for that)” = go kill yourself = fuck you daniel

  7. oh and you’re right daniel. I’m mentally challenged because a video game helped spark my interest in history. you’re absolutely right. good call.

  8. i cant beleive im hearing such things. you have to realize this was never supposed to be a big movie. it had a small budget (by hollywood’s standards) and was released in march. which is where studios dump all the movies that they dont have faith in. there where no big name stars and a relitively new director. so for being so bad it still made more money than casino royal or any of the matrix movies…

    and yes the graphic novel was always on a yellowish background. its called lighting effect and it sets a mood for the film.

    “That said, there are so many painterly images in 300 that it qualifies as the closest thing to “pure cinema” that audiences have come to in quite some time: The silhouette of the Spartan elders’ temple against a cloud-stained moon; the spectacle of dead bodies in the shape of a great, gnarled hand reaching out of scorched soil; more than one extended shot of the Spartans laying waste to their adversaries as the camera changes speeds, zooms and shifts focus to keep up; and the pristine and breathtaking shadow of a lone spear as it ascends a stairwell towards its designated target.”

  9. Right, so it’s no coincidence that the acting wasn’t very good or the lighting overly dramatic. I think those hindrances you mentioned were all pretty evident in the film, with the possible exception of the direction (which was all right).

  10. I think the post was more in reference of poor story line. But I’m sure the target audience was males age 17-25. And we have all seen a porn with a crap story and still liked it. On a more general note however, this movie is a clear indication that these Hollywood films with bloated budgets that come out worse than “The Granny” are unacceptable with the available technology and the apparent low cost of these types of graphics. Perhaps we will start to see more visually appealing visual effects, maybe even with a good story line.

  11. Yeah. That’s how I meant for that to come out, but rereading it, it’s kind of ambiguous.

  12. The Granny…

    Rated R for violence and gore, crude sexuality and language.

    “You were a load I should’ve swallowed!”

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