a boring read

http://lancemannion.typepad.com/lance_mannion/2004/10/index.htmlI’ve been finding it difficult to produce coherent posts regarding single topics. This is no exception, but I’ll try harder in the future.

I would think that nine hours at a car dealership would be enough time to fix most common vehicular problems. I suppose that’s a good indication of my ignorance concerning such matters. It sucks being so dependent on others for something so crucial to daily life, such as a car.

Basically, after the car sat there for nine hours and I finally got to pick it up, one warning light was off but two new warning lights appeared. If only ever aspect of life were so simple: solve one problem by creating two new ones and call it a job well done. So I got to go back in at 8 AM the next day (waking up at 8 AM, in July, and not even getting paid?!) to sit and wait for an hour and a half as a simple diagnostic test was run all the way through.

But my indignation over the car is fading…now this bugs me. It’s a Google News page presented in the “Estados Unidos” flavor – you know, a version for Spanish-speaking members of the United States. Yes, they have an American (English) version, they have a Mexican (Spanish) version, and they have a Spanish (Spanish) version, but this is the American (Spanish) version. You know, for all of those citizens of the United States who cannot read English.

Have I ever emphasized the irrationality of someone claiming to be a citizen of a country whose official language he cannot be bothered to speak? If he cannot read enough English to survive on a Google News page, will he be a functional member of a society in which all things of importance are presented in that language? Of course he will not, so it’s a good thing that society is beginning to cater to his ineptitude by producing products which translate their text into multiple languages.

For a final twist, a good song is “I Didn’t Speak the Language” by The One AM Radio. It has nothing to do with Spanish, or cars, for that matter.

5 thoughts on “a boring read

  1. I’m fairly certain that English is only the de facto standard language of the United States and not the true official language.

    I’m not against people speaking Spanish, setting up Spanish websites, or just being of Spanish descent; hell, that’s their fucking right. However, going along with the de facto standard sometimes just makes things easier on everybody.

  2. “Official,” “de facto,” whatever…it’s the language the country has chosen to get stuff done.

    And yes, they can do whatever they want, but everything that encourages immigrants to NOT bother learning the accepted national language inhibits productivity.

  3. I can’t even tell you guys how often miscommunication with an American Mexican has made my life less productive.!

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