add some flavor are a lot of good rivalries today: certain athletic teams despise each other, countries try to annihilate each other, and political parties attempt to express dominance. For all of our feuding, there’s one classic rivalry which has gone largely unappreciated in modern times, and that is the rivalry amongst family groups. These family rivalries do occur at a much smaller scale in everyday life, and there are probably full-blown wars between clans in third-world countries. That’s all well and good, but it is not what this is addressing. Our society longs for the type of conflict witnessed by the Hatfields and McCoys or Capulets and Montagues – so exciting that nothing short of bloodshed will settle it.

Some may ask what good could come from these intense disagreements. Well to that I say: not much. But for the competing families, it might bring some excitement to their otherwise dull lives. Few can appreciate how it must feel to just be shopping for groceries one minute, then shooting it out with your nemesis (or nemeses) the next. Even mundane activities would therefore be much improved, and certainly provide entertainment for those standing idly by.

It’s a shame that our culture has been set up in such a way that arguments must be restricted to the occasional heated exchange. So much joy could come from sneaking into the neighbor’s yard and stealing his horse to get back at him for destroying your turnip crop. I guess we’ll just have to settle for Family Feud

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  1. that’s exactly the kind of stuff that could be going on, trapping people in walls and whatnot. pretty bitchin.

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