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k2 themeUndoubtedly, any regular to the site who has stopped by in the last forty-five minutes or so has noticed that the site has changed. As with any theme change, this might not be final at all. It could last a couple of days, or a few months – I’m not sure yet. But this theme makes some nice changes to enhance the site’s usability:

  • The first page will display the entirety of the most recent post. Previous posts can be found in a number of ways, including the links to the right on the main page, “previous” and “next post” links at the top of each individual post page, searching (more on this in a minute), or the “Archives” page. In addition, clicking “older” on the main page will show the last post and enable a slider that can be moved to scroll through all previous posts.
  • Page links are readily-available at the top of every page.
  • Searching is vastly improved. Searching will now be done instantly, as soon as you’re done typing, without the need for a page refresh.
  • The top background picture can easily be set to automatically change, without the need for extra plugins. I’ve got some BF images in there to cycle if I decide to activate them.
  • The width is fixed to alleviate strange viewing in IE and other browsers. Just for future reference, the site looks best at greater than 1024×768 resolution in Firefox.
  • Google Ads are gone for now…they may or may not be back. I’m leaning toward “may.”
  • The “Archives” page is dynamic, allowing you to go through category or date and find the exact posts you want.

If there are any problems or concerns, or if you just plain hate it, let me know. Any small, easily-implemented suggestions for improvement will be considered, but keep in mind that I didn’t make this theme and even small changes could be difficult and time-consuming.

14 thoughts on “another site change

  1. Christ. The dynamic searching thing is really kick ass. I don’t think I have ever seen web pages that could handle that before. I knew about content panes and all that jazz, but that’s really nice.

    I must admit that it’s a shame to see the “Sites” page is so hard to get to. Are we forgetting our roots?

  2. Easily remedied. But yeah, I’m certainly moving away from the roots. The original site was painfully devoid of content.

    Glad to see you appreciate the searching. To tell the truth, I don’t know much about how it works. I’m going to have to dig into the code when I have another long bout of spare time.

  3. It still makes me type in the anti-spam word every time. which I am alright with. And yeah, after i submit I can still get the old data from the postback data (since you turned off blah blah whatever).

    But! I disagree! Don’t let Brendan take back anything he says! Long live pointless flaming!

  4. Also. Another thing I liked: The awesomeness that is the way you navigate through past posts after doing a search. Pretty cool.

  5. Last thing for now:

    When you change the theme of the site, and make a new “site” entry on the blog, you should start adding screen shots of them to the post, so that when you go back and search through the “site” posts, you can remember what the older versions looked like. Just a suggestion.

  6. ahh, nostalgia. yeah i can even go back and put in screenshots of the themes, since i still have them available on the site (and could switch back at a moment’s notice).

    you could edit your posts before, but not now? odd. doesn’t bother me, because i can edit anyone’s comments (though i’ve never edited anyone’s but my own, as i’m sure you can tell if you read around).

    i can’t believe daniel said it’s beautiful. even if it was sarcasm – he’s a tough audience.

  7. There needs to be an Admin or Login button at the top of the page next to Register.

    Other than that, I’m quite fond of the new layout.

    Are my comments also in gray boxes? I guess I’ll find out right now….

  8. I believe the author of the post gets a darker gray box when he comments. People with author ability get light gray boxes when commenting on posts by other authors. Or so I think.

    I’ll see what I can do about an admin link, but if you click register and click “login” it’s just two clicks instead of one.

  9. Every time I log into your site, the Google ads are in a different place. I’ll go ahead and click on it and give you some money for your trouble. ;-D

  10. I just had some on the right side and decided that the ads at the top were enough. If you want the ads back on the right side, I’ll be happy to oblige. 😉

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