beckham busts a move out America – Beckham’s coming. In a move that boggles my mind, he’s stepping down from the internationally-renowned powerhouse that is Real Madrid in order to sign with…the Los Angeles Galaxy. The Galaxy, who won 11 games while losing 15 and tying 6 last season (good for next to last place in the western conference of MLS), are sure to improve substantially with the help of Beckham’s hair and impressively overrated curve (or “bend,” if you will). Though his best days are most assuredly behind him, maybe this move will remind Americans that there is a professional soccer league in their country, and it’s not really that bad to watch. More fans = more money, and more money = more television coverage? I can dream. Regardless, the main point is that he’s got nothing on Robot Pele [insert Robot Pele picture here].

In other sporting news, Barry Bonds is revealed to have tested positive for amphetamines last season. Does this surprise anyone? He promptly blamed his teammate and played the “I didn’t know what I was consuming” card. That’ll win you some more fans!

By the way, Austimus – I need a Robot Pele picture.

15 thoughts on “beckham busts a move

  1. With Tom “The Man” Cruise being the Beckham’s best friend, and him helping to spearhead their move to L.A., Victoria and David may convert to Scientology. Good news for the wallet of L. Ron Hubbard’s family.

  2. I’m makin a new bf video. it’s got me flying bomber, releasing payload, and bailing out, falling with all the bombs onto target. music’s going to be lil wayne’s “make it rain”.

  3. nothing wrong with the bailing out of a jeep to tk…
    commander can tk w/ arty all day and not get kicked…

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