bf2 image gallery

I was messing around with Picasa, Google’s image-management program, when I discovered a pretty handy function. The program can quickly and conveniently export your images into an HTML file, completing all necessary conversions and even creating thumbnails for every image. It dawned on me that this would be an easy way to prepare every BF2 screenshot I have for upload to my site, so that all may follow the exploits of a member of Tards squad.

The gallery is located here, and may be accessed in the future via the “battlefield 2” link at the top of the page (or in a different location if I change the site’s theme). You must have Javascript and Flash in order to properly view the gallery. If you’re having trouble viewing it in Firefox, try Internet Explorer. If you’re using a crappier browser, you can’t play BF2 anyway, so you probably won’t care about the pictures. It currently has about 70 pictures, and will be updated as needed.

I may add other photo galleries if I see fit, containing random pictures. I’m sure this will be evident if I employ such a system.

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