birthdays all around sure are a strange practice. Why should someone be celebrated for living one more year? In today’s modern world, many people don’t face death nearly as often as they did in the past. Perhaps if we were keeping track of how hard it was to survive over the course of a year, birthday parties could be given for those who underwent particularly harrowing circumstances. Often, people just coast through a year and are considered better for it. Which brings me to another point…arbitrary set points for responsibility. What makes someone who has just turned 21 significantly more “adult” than an 18 year old? If they don’t have it by 18, three more years won’t make a significant difference. The government should give a test or something.

Today is not only Abe Lincoln’s birthday, but also Charles Darwin‘s. Let’s spend today remembering what he so boldly advocated: that people’s innate behaviors are inherited through “gemules,” and that male and female gemules “blend” to produce intermediate phenotypes (so a light-haired woman and dark-haired man would always have medium-haired children – termed “blended inheritance”). Let history not forget your contribution, Mr. Darwin…

…nor mine.

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