cheaters sometimes win who can read braille have an unfair advantage during tests. It would be very easy to slip a card into your pocket with all kinds of information conveniently dotted away, readily available with just the slightest adjustment of your pants. I imagine that people with the low morals required for crafting such a card would not be averse to using a more practical and historically successful cheating method, but all the same I think professors should be on the lookout for people randomly sticking their hands down their pants. Even if he or she is not using the braille cheating method, no good can come from frequent trips of the hand into the pants.

Perhaps now would also be a good time for me to say that cheaters suck. I’m not one to avoid any shortcuts in life, but taking shortcuts on your supposed “education” can really screw over someone much more deserving than you and make you look pretty foolish later. Cheating in a relationship is also despicable, as is cheating in video games. Where’s the joy in pwning defenseless n00bs when your crosshairs go straight to their heads every time? I enjoy knowing I’m better than everyone else. So even though cheaters often win, we all know they’re not as good as the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “cheaters sometimes win

  1. blind people don’t have morals. they’re fucking blind.
    and yeah when someone can kill me from a jet 2 miles away with no UAV either blind or a cheater…or both

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