crazy old willy’ve long been a proponent of nudism (at least for hot chicks), but recent events have shown that people who are willing to go gallivanting around in the nude often, unfortunately, have some very serious mental disturbances. Take, for instance, this Canadian man: he decided it would be a good idea to tape a swastika on his body and walk around naked, celebrating Hitler’s birthday. Or how about this Army recruiter, who got in a bar fight, lost his clothes, then broke into a stranger’s house to surf the Internet for porn while in the nude. Then there are naked joggers with bad musical taste, 40-year-old women stripping in famous Roman fountains, and men wearing only beanies and accosting women. The list goes on and on, but for all of this, one thing is clear: people who go naked in public have remarkably troubling dispositions.

What happened to tact? Why can’t attractive people walk around in their birthday suits? More importantly, if you’re a police sketch artist drawing a man who has been seen wearing nothing but a skullcap, why bother putting a shirt on him? Besides, if he was walking around naked and talking to women, would he really have such a scowl on his face? I would think he’d be a pretty cheerful guy.

It’s such a shame that we’re forced to instantly write-off anyone who is unclad in public as a potential felon. 🙁

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  1. i dont like the spelling “gallivant” but apparently it’s the first choice in many references.

    also, good catch on the nudist drawn by the sketch artist wearing a t-shirt.

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