eagles and apples

http://www.birdchick.com/archive/2005_07_01_archive.htmlThe bald eagle has finally “soared” off of the endangered species list, something about which all Americans can be proud. Bush has lauded the achievement as a testimony to the cooperation between private landowners and state and federal governments. Personally, I just want to know if I can finally get that bald eagle egg omelet I’ve been trying to order for years at Waffle House. There’s nothing quite like a rare bird to get the taste just right. Other interesting items to make out of the now widespread bald eagle include specialty hats, stylish quill pens, and decorative lampshades.

Or maybe soon bald eagles will become common pets. They’re much more vicious (and therefore more entertaining) than the common parakeet, and they aren’t nearly as arrogant or disrespectful as those loud-mouthed parrots. But I can’t have two entries in one day solely about birds – one might think that my predilection toward the flying beasts is far greater than it actually is.

So I’ll briefly mention what I’ve attempted to avoid: the iPhone is now released, and every thought-conveying medium available has been hyping the crap out of it, with or without sponsorship from Apple. I think the best review was one I read online as a comment somewhere, by someone who shall remain anonymous. Basically, he said it was like everyone loses – those who praised the iPhone as a “revolution” or “life-changing” went overboard, and those who hoped it would be a complete flop were also disappointed. Yep, that simplistic, understated design is enough to satisfy those who can get past its extensive list of limitations, including:

  • No 3G wireless (for high-speed data transfer)
  • No removable battery
  • No memory expansion
  • No video recording (on the camera)
  • No flash or color balance (on the camera)
  • No MMS (at least not at the start)
  • No voice dialing
  • No A2DP support (for wireless headphones)
  • No way to cut/copy/paste text
  • No file manager
  • No Flash or Javascript support in its browser
  • No PDF, Word, or Excel document editing
  • No additional ringtones (at launch – no MP3 ringtone support)
  • No third-party applications
  • Poor network support (AT&T sucks)

However, it’s pretty, and it has a built-in iPod. What should be most interesting is watching what the iPhone does to the rate of traffic accidents as a result of cell phone use. If people were getting into wrecks with voice dialing, one-handed operation, and tactile feedback on their cell phone keyboards, it’s scary to consider how much longer someone’s eyes would have to be off of the road in order to send a short text message with the iPhone.

Now where’s my eagle egg omelet..?

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