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http://www.engadget.com/photos/first-iphone-pics/Just to prove that I’m not entirely biased, I will write about Apple sometimes. And today is Apple’s day. You see, not only are they no longer going to be called “Apple Computer” (they’re going with simply “Apple” now), but they’ve finally announced the elusive iPhone. The thing has some pretty exciting features, like the ability to automatically turn off the touchscreen when it’s close to your face, automatically enabling WiFi when a hotspot is detected, and 8 GB of Flash storage. Oh yeah, the touchscreen. There are no hard buttons on this phone (well, not a number pad at least). And it runs OS X, somehow. Hmm…

I question the input decision. The touchscreen can detect multiple button presses, and it doesn’t even come with a stylus. I have a Pocket PC phone and the touchscreen and virtual keypad (although smaller than those on the iPhone) are not very fun to use. I’m sure it will be easier on this iPhone, but there are a lot of unanswered questions. Remember the iPod Nano scratching fiasco? With so much screen space and so much touching of the screen directly, I can see a lot of complaints arising about durability and readability. Also, battery life remains to be seen. They claim 5 hours talk time and 16 hours of MP3 playback, but we’ll see if that holds up (manufacturers are always optimistic and rarely quote real-world figures). Finally, the phone itself, while thin, is pretty darn big. It’s got a 3.5″ screen after all (size doesn’t deter me with most of my stuff, but phones are different).

I can’t see this as being as popular as the iPod, but it’ll probably garner a pretty significant following. It looks to be a good multimedia device if not a good phone, and it could be a forerunner of the new video iPod design. Speaking of portable music devices…

The Zune is going to get some games. These were rumored before the Zune came out, but now Peter Moore has announced that the Zune will have playable games by July 2008 (thanks for the advance warning). This should even things up with the iPod, which can already play simple games. I’m inclined to feel that games on portable music devices are pointless, unless they somehow rock (which they won’t).

5 thoughts on “electronic advancements

  1. I really liked that all the way until he pulled his “we should be talking about important things” crap. Who goes to collegehumor.com to discuss the Iraq war?

    I like the wheels though.

  2. iphone’s following will probably consist of 60% apple fan boys that ignorantly claim macs to be superior. and 30% people that use Windows, but have an ipod and think “well if the ipod rocks, this oughta rock too.” 5% people that get it because of its features, and not because its an apple product and the remaining 5% goes to people that get them as gifts and get annoyed with it after a week.

    i suck at %’s 😀

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