fire down below’s nothing quite like competing for a record which* no one knows exists. I recently ingested no less than ten “fire” hot sauce packets at Taco Bell…on just one taco. Those who witnessed this feat know how I did it – for every bite I took, I added one more packet of sauce until my final bite was absolutely dripping with fiery goodness. Some may balk at this accomplishment, but it’s easily been my second-most impressive feat accomplished within the last year or so. Impeccable.

*Perhaps more interesting than the preceding paragraph is this sentence that I just found on Merriam-Webster’s website when looking up when to use “which” (versus “that”):

Whichused as a function word to introduce a nonrestrictive relative clause and to modify a noun in that clause and to refer together with that noun to a word or word group in a preceding clause or to an entire preceding clause or sentence or longer unit of discourse

(Color added for emphasis.) For some reason, that “clarification” didn’t help me in my decision between “which” and “that” – perhaps it was the six conjunctions and overall verboseness?

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