futile pursuit

parallelparking.JPGLast night I watched with glee as a car attempted to parallel park in a spot no larger than the car itself. Surely most of us will realize the futility in such an action – for the car to fit, it would need to be able to move directly perpendicular to the curb, and you better believe this guy thought it could. No less than six times did he back in, only to realize there wasn’t enough room and pull out for another go. By that time I was leaving, but I caught a glimpse of him finally giving up and pulling away in my rear-view mirror. There are a few lessons to be learned here:

  • Stubborn persistence doesn’t always pay off. He could’ve kept at that spot all night and not made it all the way in.
  • Those games kids play where they try to fit blocks into slots should not be scoffed at. If a piece is too big for a slot, it will never fit (without excess force).
  • Parallel parking should just be avoided whenever possible. The potential for wasted time, humiliation, and car damage are too great.

On top of it all, if he had just parked a little farther away, he would’ve gotten a little extra excercise. Excercise never hurt anyone.

2 thoughts on “futile pursuit

  1. Why was there no mention of one of the other two dicks who didn’t allot space enough for a car to be able to fit in this space? Surely there was enough space here to be considerate of other parkers. I do agree that even parallel parking is, however good of a utilization of space, a bad situation to put yourself into. Also the rule that says ending sentences with a preposition is bad sucks too around.

  2. Interesting point. The slight bit of excess space just ended up between two cars, rather than at the end of the curb, but either way it wouldn’t have had enough room for that extra car.

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