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Yeah, I’ve been conspicuously absent. Perhaps it’s because I’m supposed to be better-utilizing my time (even if I’m not)? For that, I apologize. once, I’d like to see a movie that begins with a flashback scene involving a small boy. Then, the words “Twenty Years Later” appear on the screen and we see the kid when he’s all grown-up and ready to cause some destruction. But here’s what makes my idea unique: the movie is actually filmed over twenty years. Now we get to see the actor in his unadulterated youth and again when he’s succumbed to the rigors of show business. That extra degree of realism – coupled with the evident devotion to the art of film-making displayed by the director and his crew – would indubitably win all kinds of prestigious awards, including (but not limited to) Oscars and Bubakar Awards.

It’d be even better if the actor somehow lost a limb during the decades-long interlude and the writers were forced to creatively adapt the plot to his tragedy. So many unique circumstances could befall the actors and the entire crew that it makes such an undertaking a truly delightful proposition in my mind. I wish the best of luck to anyone ballsy enough to attempt this.

3 thoughts on “give it a go

  1. maybe its just that im hung over bur i think this post is incredibly funny and also a great fucking idea. kudos to the actor and production crew with the balls to attempt this.

  2. oh and sorry for pretty much mirroring the language in your last sentence. i made my comment before i even finished reading the article. that’s how excited i was about this.

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