glass half full just drove three miles with a grasshopper clinging to my windshield for dear life. I exceeded 50 MPH for much of the trip and that little sucker still didn’t let go. The moment I pulled to a complete stop in my driveway, you better believe he flew off and went looking for somewhere safe to chill.

I see this as a very clear analogy for life. Sometimes, it feels like you’re just trying not to get blown to the wayside as the turbulence just keeps on coming. Then, the first chance your trials subside, you’ve got to run as far away as possible to keep it from happening again. Maybe then you can eat some grass and rest for the remainder of your life.

Or perhaps you should see the trials in a different light. That grasshopper not only got a free ride to probably a much cooler place, but he has all kinds of new mating opportunities now. I’m sure he’ll agree that it was worth the trouble when he sees the sexy feminine arthropods we’ve got around here.

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