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http://www.foodfacts.info/blog/2006/02/mcdonalds-unveils-nutrition-labeling.htmlI’ve got to wonder about those “percent daily values” that the government stamps on all of our food. I’m sure a certain degree of scientific study went in to formulating those values, but what do they really mean? Does anyone come close to matching them, and, if so, what does he or she look like? I’d imagine that a strict adherent to FDA guidelines should be a modern √úbermensch with a mind like a steel trap and the biceps of Mohandas Gandhi (they’re small, but only due to lack of exercise – they’re surprisingly powerful and effective).

It’s curious that the government would go so far as to recommend certain quantities of macromolecules for our consumption when it takes very few measures to aid us in satisfying those requirements. And, yet, that’s just how I like it. I like being able to go to McDonald’s and find a burger loaded with saturated fat and sodium, or hit up Taco Bell for an instant push over 100% of my daily burro meat intake. Those suits can sit at our nation’s capitol and legislate all day long as long as they only suggest what I eat, then foot the bill when I crumple over in a pool of grease at the local Fatburger.

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