he didn’t say that

http://www.lonestarmusic.com/album.asp?aid=3798It’s very irritating when the lyrics websites all have the same wrong lyrics for a song. I don’t care what they think he’s saying, even if they got it off of the album jacket itself – there are certain cases that it’s definitely wrong. And it’s telling of these crappy aggregation sites that they all have the exact same wrong words, but also have the same punctuation and capitalization, as though someone just wandered around to another website and copied and pasted some lyrics without having heard the song. Now that’s dedication!

Case in point: Sideshow Tornado by Bob Schneider. The final lines of this song read perfectly as “The whole world’s on fire / & I’m frozen inside” regardless of what lyrics site you check. Now, I like those lines, and I’d even like that to be what he says, but it’s clearly not. He says what, after repeated listens, seems to be, “I’m a hotbed of hormones / and I’m frozen inside.”*  I’d say that changes the overall tone a bit. It’s possible that there are alternate versions of this song about which I am unaware, but it seems odd that only that line would be changed. Maybe if people actually listened to these songs, they could provide more accurate lyrics.

* Thanks for helping me figure this out – you know who you are.

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