honestly, mexicans

http://www.slate.com/id/2144585/You should always be careful in your interactions with other races, because in those situations you’re an ambassador upon whom one might shape his perception of an ethnicity. This may not be “fair,” nor may it be “reasonable,” but it occurs nonetheless.

For instance, today I played soccer with some Mexicans. Now, much has been said about Mexicans which may or may not be true, but it only harms their reputation when they uphold negative stereotypes. The situation was this: while in a defensive position, I played the ball outside and it deflected off of an opposing player. This was clearly the case – no one in the vicinity had any complaint when I requested the ball for a throw-in…except one. One player on their team eagerly pounced on the ball (the one who was actually hit, I believe), and went to take the throw-in himself. In disbelief, I attempted to cross the language barrier and urged him for the ball. He simply shook his head resolutely.

No one else on his team supported him, and those nearby on my team knew it should have been our throw, but it didn’t matter. The ball was eventually cleared and no harm came from the situation.

Except for this. Whether or not he should have taken the throw-in is not very significant. The fact that he must have known he was lying, however, is significant. Because of this situation, a tiny seed of distrust was planted. Now, every call which should have been clear-cut was clouded by the haze of doubt. Honesty goes far, even in little things. If I knew I hit the ball with my hand, I would admit it. If I knew I was offsides, I wouldn’t complain. And if I knew I touched the ball last before it went out of bounds, I’d back down. More than just an issue in a game, this is a basic tenet by which all should live.

People who have judged my career say I was always fair. This statement makes me happier than all the goals I have scored.

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