how far we’ve come

cghmFor those of us who have had their long-term memories obliterated by hours of television, it may be difficult to recall that today marks the birth of a giant. On this day two whole years ago, Compu-Global Hyper Meganet was hoisted from its squalor into the loving, burly arms of success. Let’s take a moment to review the most exciting events which transpired in the past year:

Of course, much more took place over the last year than was documented in the annals (or anuses) of CGHM. Fortunately, it mostly had to do with Britney Spears not wearing underwear or Democrats hating Republicans and can therefore be the subject of the turning of a blind eye.

Remember to continue checking CGHM every hour, because it’s quite possible that one day, you could die. And it’d be a shame if you had to go without knowing what was last written here.

2 thoughts on “how far we’ve come

  1. Funny story,

    I wrote a very long and polite response to your article on abortion whilst in Germany. However, the power on my laptop went out as I was reading back over it, deleting the entire thing. So I gave up, and decided not to retype the entire thing.

    O well.!

  2. i had a similar thing happen to me. i had a perfect reply prepared in response to your comment, and a roving band of hobgoblins ate my router.

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