i have a dream

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Martin_Luther_King_-_March_on_Washington.jpgLast year, we commemorated Dr. King’s founding of roads across America. This year, we pay homage to his work in the psychologically-enriched field of dream interpretation. Picking up where Carl Jung left off, King “had a dream” filled with reflections of archetypes, ideals about children and racial equality, and indicative of the collective unconscious. One could argue that Dr. King’s dreams, and his introspective analysis of them, said what we were all thinking – that his kids should be judged by a different criterion than that by which they were currently slated to be judged. After all, is it not man’s place to judge his fellow man on more than just skin color, but on character instead? Indeed, we should let our irrational and unnecessary bigotry be relegated to those qualities which are less outwardly apparent, or those which take more effort to ascertain.

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