i like those odds

http://www.drugrecognition.com/Alco.htmEver wonder how many police chases actually end in the crook getting away instead of running into something or getting caught? All of those “extreme police video” shows seem to paint a picture that crime never pays and the officers are always perfectly trained in chase tactics, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s quite possible to get away if you have just a hint of skill and a bit more luck. Now, if you’ve got a helicopter on you, that’s another story, because those things give the cops a completely unfair advantage. I managed to dig this up from a completely disreputable website:

National statistics indicate 300 to 400 people die annually in police chases, with one in four pursuits ending in injuries. About 40 percent of the chases end in crashes, according to a late 1990s survey done at the University of South Carolina.

Yeah…so, think about that. And watch out for the spike strips the next time you run. Also, you can never beat the train, so don’t try.

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