inerrant coding=happy gamers

fifa_offsidesFIFA 07 has been relentlessly frustrating to me. After having my keeper get the ball stolen (in an illegal fashion) two days in a row, I have a new complaint: the game has allowed the computer to score from an offsides position. Now this was a close play, and I’d likely still complain if this had been the work of a human referee, but one must realize that the game is coded in a fashion intended to eliminate any human error. It would be cool if there was an option in the settings to enable variable refereeing, but there isn’t; the fact is that this is simply an example of a flaw in their coding which further ruins the enjoyment of the game.

I’ll emphasize that this isn’t one of my biggest gripes with the game, since this has only (provably) happened to me once. Far more upsetting are the frequent collisions and stunningly-mentally-impaired artificial intelligence employed by the defenders. It’s a bit more aggravating to see the ball bounce straight off of a teammate’s foot simply because the human player is “controlling” a different player (this may be difficult to interpret, but I can probably make a video of it happening to further explain).

Here‘s the offsides video. Note the player in the top-right corner has the ball and it has not yet left his foot, while his teammate in red is clearly (though only slightly) offsides at the bottom-left of the screen.

3 thoughts on “inerrant coding=happy gamers

  1. ehh, even if it’s a performance-enhancing shortcut i’d much prefer realistic gameplay over flashy graphics. i still believe the 360 is capable of doing both simultaneously.

  2. doubtless, it is. But the article I linked goes to show that EA doesn’t really care if the game has kinks in it. EA is notorious for paying their programmers horribly and replacing their long time professionals with younger, less experienced people.

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